Powerpoint Karaoke

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Powerpoint Karaoke - It's all about having fun

Have you heard of Powerpoint Karaoke? Are you totally fascinated by it? You're not the first.

Since 2006, Powerpoint  Karaoke has been spread around the world and today it is the most hyped off-work activity available.

The concept of Powerpoint Karaoke is simple. Let the participants make a unprepared presentation to a randomly chosen Powerpoint presentation. Let a jury make a judgment. It's all great fun!

To master Powerpoint Karaoke requires skill, luck and intuition


Powerpoint Karaoke - History

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Powerpoint Karaoke was introduced by somebody in Germany 2006.

In Germany it is fairly common today. The trend for the rest of the world is heavily increasing.

By 2038, Powerpoint Karaoke might be in the Olympic games !

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